Sunday, April 22, 2007

Frogs on my shoulders.

These are the line drawings for my shoulder angels, essentially the story is this, my roommates and I decided to draw our consciences as little angels and little devils reflecting ourselves and focusing strongly on our ethnicities. my result in that I am mostly French and Canadian... well... just look at the pictures.

1.2 Gigawatts!!1

So I've been working on bringing my car from my parent's house in Arizona. I've also been abstractly toying with the idea of transforming my car into something that would utilize an alternative energy source... well I've been thinking about it so much I actually had a dream about it... I dreamt that my Treasure Island Roommates and I rigged up my '90 Honda Civic with the electric rabbit ears from a Muni Bus... and many shenanigans thus, ensued. So I decided to illustrate it. This is the sketch for what will eventually become a Digital Painting... stay tuned.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Goodbye Pascal...

aaaaand we're back! I'm drawing again, this is a piece I did for an artist I was so fortunate enough to work with at Leapfrog as a farewell gift. and I if you don't get it, watch the guy's "Boss Animations" Pascal Campion. Enjoy!


Hello! I suppose I should start off my shiny new blog by... saying something... Well until I think of something to say, I'm awful glad that you found your way to my blog, and I hope you enjoy it!