Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oscerius v Cametrus WIP

Yet another progression. I just got some crit from my art director on a few things so I'll try to encorporate that... enjoy!

Another Progress shot, Fleshed out most of the hard part of the characters, now on to the friggin background... *put's face in hands*

Still paintin' colors are a little all over the place. I'll tweak that soon.... I'm so not good at this kinda stuff.

here's the super rough color/sketch.... workie workie workie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Arnie and Me: Done

Arnie, my dog, and me when I was a kid. This was alot of fun to finish off in illustrator, and it was really pleasing to see how quickly I was able to finish it, compared to my other recent artings. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Holy crap! it's already been a year since I worked on this title! the other day I finally got my hands on a copy of the Leapster Wall-E game that I helped Sam Hood make. I worked on the "Rocket Ride" Game. I also banged out the GEL-A Steward robots in the game. But the solar system shots are by far my favorites. and here they are. The producers asked for a series of planetary shots, and corresponding surface shots (there's no surface shot for Earth because it was a film-sensitive shot, and Pixar hadn't finalized the direction they wanted us to go with for Earth. By the time they did, I had already been pulled onto another project. So someone else got to do it). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Leapster, it is a handheld system running a flash-based game engine. it's screen has a 1:1 aspect ratio 160px touch screen and an 8fps frame rate... these limitations are daunting to work with at first, but it really forces you to get your compositions and color values just right for maximum readability on the glass. after a while of back and fourth with revisions I finally came out the other side with these guys, and a butt-load of indispensable design experience.

Draw Yourself as a Kid

Art Jumble is making me do it! I am vividly aware that I draw myself alot. However; this one is pure and honest, an art jumble thing... and the fact that I've been wanting to do justice to my favorite dog of all time. His name was Arnie the Fun Hog. Yes this was his real name, dead serious. And as if the name didn't say it, he was the best god-damned dog to have ever trotted the earth. He was also my best friend, and one of the fondest memories of my youth. Sadly he died long ago, but I'll never forget him... and so with Art Jumble making this week's topic "draw yourself as a kid" I had to fit Arnie in there somewhere. For now I just wanted to get good caricatures, so the background is hiding. Shhh... we'll probably be running through the woods or something, just like we used to.