Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Burr-Dogs!

I'll probably give them both backgrounds when I have the time. I'd like to set the sleeping one in the house I grew up in. They'd always curl up next to our wood stove. so yeah. I like stylizing dogs, I think I'll try to make more breeds as the months go on. I still want to go back to the corgi I did not long ago and change his background, I hate the one he's on now. I also have a pig-pug to finish.

I'm juggling a couple of projects right now, and big deadlines at work. But I am still trying to sketch whenever I find the time. here's a couple of little doodles I did of my Childhood Bromigo: Arnie. He and my sister's cat: "Zoul" grew up from puppy and kitten-hood together, so they were always VERY close. The played together and when they'd sleep, Zoul would curl up under Arnie to stay warm. They're both long gone now. but I still remember them dearly. They made a good duo. I'll probably do some more sketches of the two of em, sooner or later .