Sunday, January 3, 2010

Canyons in the Cliffs

These vast fissures carve deep into the cavernous cores of The Pale Mountians. Veiled in clouds and thick with trees, these unfamiliar escarpments stand at the frayed corners of civilization. Nigh inaccessible without the dirigible. Adventure and the unknown await our intrepid travelers, as the last of the cargo vessels fly in to the outpost beacon.
I love exotic couplings of geological features and biospheres that seldom, if ever, occur on Earth. If there is somewhere that looks like this, please do feel free to let me know all about it. I spent alot of time figuring out this piece as I went along. Many different things were going to be on those escarpments. little worked. I didn't want to construct a story for it before hand. I just wanted to make some cool designs and not give a shit if it made any sense. but the other hemisphere of my brain wouldn't stand for it. Finally I worked enough out in my head to continue. I hope I learned my lesson from that. But if you look closely you'll see Eise and Ceile arguing with the aeronauts. . .oh and some fucking awesome llamas grazing in the fields. As per my usual pipeline of insanity: I brought this on in as a sketch into Illustrator, penned in all the major shape and color, and then textured it all in Photoshop.