Friday, March 9, 2012


After recently looking at my old "Urbanites" Series, I saw a lot of weaknesses I hadn't noticed before. Most of them aren't emotive, they're a little stiff, while I like their 'designs' they lack luster and vivacity. With that in mind, I began drawing San Francisco people that I've seen in a sort of rebuttal to my urbanites series, while I regret not planning the compositions better to entirely fit on their pages I am still pretty happy with the way they came out. And as soon as my afterwork schedule has calmed down a bit I hope to render them either in Illustrator or Photoshop.

An actual Hipster
A new Urbanite based on my friend, Jose

I've also posted some recent life drawings. It's been a crazy past few weeks, I've been super busy outside of work, so I haven't had much time to actually draw or sketch. Hopefully that will change soon. But I should be back on some kind of reasonable schedule soon. Stay tuned!

Life drawing at work

More from the same pose
Seashore cliffs in Half Moon Bay
My company's owner speaking at a company event

Friday, March 2, 2012

Work Birthday Cards

So I'm a little too busy this week to scan/photograph any of my drawings but I recently rediscovered a bunch of old birthday card illustrations I made for my coworkers over the years at Crowdstar. some of them are pretty good, and I thought they ought to see the light of day again. What's nice is most of these are quickies. I had to do them fast (some of them probably had too much time spent on them) but for the most part, trying to find rapid, cheap solutions to things had really fun results! Enjoy, and hopefully more posts will come soon!

This happened on a company trip to Hawaii, those were the salad days.

It began when Barlow's wife got a hamster guinnea pig. Afterward he began receiving package after package of guinnea pig equipment at the office. I knew it was only a matter of time...
Erin likes batman... why I made him fat, the world will never know.

George Rodgers is our CD, sometimes I am certain I must seem like a derpy sheep with a wacom tablet to him.
King lowered his desk one day. the name low-rider stuck.

Tu Bui always raises an eyebrow at terrible puns

My friend Maggie tends to become overwhelmed by all things cute... overwhelmed to the point of evil!