Friday, March 9, 2012


After recently looking at my old "Urbanites" Series, I saw a lot of weaknesses I hadn't noticed before. Most of them aren't emotive, they're a little stiff, while I like their 'designs' they lack luster and vivacity. With that in mind, I began drawing San Francisco people that I've seen in a sort of rebuttal to my urbanites series, while I regret not planning the compositions better to entirely fit on their pages I am still pretty happy with the way they came out. And as soon as my afterwork schedule has calmed down a bit I hope to render them either in Illustrator or Photoshop.

An actual Hipster
A new Urbanite based on my friend, Jose

I've also posted some recent life drawings. It's been a crazy past few weeks, I've been super busy outside of work, so I haven't had much time to actually draw or sketch. Hopefully that will change soon. But I should be back on some kind of reasonable schedule soon. Stay tuned!

Life drawing at work

More from the same pose
Seashore cliffs in Half Moon Bay
My company's owner speaking at a company event


Kyle Sewnarain said...

I love the Jose sketch - too good man, too good.

Sue said...

Your work is amazing! I love your vector art : )

kachsh321 said...

Hi. My name is Kayleigh. I'm 15 and live in Mohave Valley, Arizona. I met your mom and she told me about you and gave me your info. You are an AMAZING artist. I have always wanted to be an animator and I was wondering if there is any advice that you could give me to help me live the dream I've always wanted. Thank you. :)