Tuesday, July 31, 2007


well what do we have here? I uploaded again.... whilakers!
Here is the other part of my shoulder angel project... the gentle coffee-drinkin' pancake-eatin' larch-choppin' lumberjack... the canuk to be exact.... since a great deal of my heritage is Canadian... and that the people of that lovely country to the north are so much calmer and, for want of a better description, better behaved than us Uhmericans... I think it's highly fitting that the sweeter side
of my conscience
hails from good ol' Canada, eh?

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I've posted again! hell I've done art again! hopefully after a very long artist's block I've returned to the projects and such that I stopped working on oh so very long ago. This is my shoulder devil... my parisian side with the wine, coffee and snobby disposition... an arrogant piece of shit who thinks that the innumerable stereotypes and jokes against his people are something to be proud of. More will come soon!