Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Somethin' Goofy

Here's a new self portrait I started yesterday. I'm tired of looking at the profile button picture I made almost a year ago (that doesn't look anything like me either), in every online avatar thingy, like gtalk, aim, and even blogger. So on that note, I decided to make something better, something funnier, more graphic, more fun, but most of all, something that would creep the hell out of anyone who has to look at it in their chat menu... I think I remotely succeeded. It would have been done tonight, but I somehow left most of the file's progress at work and emailed myself an earlier progression. so the final version will be up tomorrow morning... otherwise. I hope you enjoy these progressions.... YEY!

1 comment:

Eric Royal said...

This portrait scares me. you look like a evil puppet. Its very nicely done, i like the line work. but totally evil puppet, you should make an evil version that you post when you are feeling evil or angry. make the eyes red and angle the eye brows into a scowl. GRRR! oooh ooh and add hell fire behind you yeeeeh. sweet.

keep up the good work.