Monday, May 12, 2008

Meme: Draw yourself as a Teen!

An art Meme started by davario I just did after a friend showing me the massive slew of other awesome ones here. After seeing all of the awesome artists up there I had to do my own, here's me at 17 and then at 23... wow. quite a change. I'm not nearly as bitter as I make myself out to be now, though I do involuntarily tend more to pessimism than I prefer these days. Still, I think it's hilarious somehow. Enjoy!


Eric Royal said...

This turned out really great VEAR, makes me want to finish the one i did (now just to find the time). I like your tumor butts, like I told you before old Vear's tumor butt is sad where new Vear's tumor butt is might and hilarious. and your blister ankles are amazing. I love it. keep it real don't let the man get you down.

(ps sorry for the deleted comment I saw typos and had to fix the ones I saw, I'm sure there are plenty that I didn't see)

~Liz said...

Herein lies the Vearbot 1.0 - my favorite and well worn Vearbot. Vearbot 2.0 seems more surly with more accessories.

Well done just the same.


andy ristaino said...

ah vear, i see we both had pencil infestations in our phro's


uiyui said...
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gfh said...

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