Friday, January 23, 2009

Scarved Ladies

This piece began as a simple sketch to illustrate and tribute simple things that I like, such as coffee and hookahs... and women in scarves. But over the very long course of this piece's rendition, I fell in love with the characters and latently realized: the style. I wanted to do new things with this piece that I haven't done before, which is part of what took me so long to make it. There are still things I don't like about it... like how they are percieved as looking "stoned" on account of their bland expressions (workin' on that) but for now it has to be done. So I can do other stuff!


Eric Royal said...

This turned out really awesome. I love how the fire looks. They looks so bored to be there though or stoned out of their gourds.

andy ristaino said...

hey it's done! wow looks great. is it all in computer? really dig the colors... like the squares of light around the sun.

ShanaDinkins said...

Lol, now that your in college your art takes a more professional look! I wanna see more :)