Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cyan Sea

I've had this color scheme in my head for a few months now. And I wanted to actually do something with it. Originally, I had had a dream in which I was walking across this cyan sea on a high, sheer, and magenta land bridge on which there were patches of violet grass. That said, I didn't dream of any blue fauns, but I thought he fit nicely into this. . .Disney Princesses color scheme I farted out of my brain. I think it's safe to say that the next thing I illustrate is going to be horrifyingly violent. . .or maybe just smutty. I don't know, but I feel way too warm and fuzzy after making this. It's weird. :P Honestly I try to see it while keeping in mind the music I listened too through it's entire creation. Basically, LOTS of Animal Collective. I think I had their entire discography on continuous loop. So look at this less as children's book material and more as that one time when you were tripping balls! :P

So, I mentioned Animal Collective had alot to do with how this one came out. I specifically hold this song responsible, it's called: "The Purple Bottle" and it's an adorable love song, easily one of my favorite songs by the band. There's so much going on in it to make it sound the way it does, I kind of like picturing it being played by lots of little creatures in classic cartoon fashion. But there it is, an explanation. :P


Nearchos Konstantinou said...

Great piece! Love your color palette mate!

Daniel Davis said...

Really great work. It all fits together nicely, making a really nice environment for that little faun.

artistaggie said...

Trippy, but gorgeous, man :-) Way to make great use of color!

Bill Robinson said...


Louieville said...

i am in lusty-like with'm this'n

Steph said...

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nidhi said...

i love it! it makes me happy :)