Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Well I'll be! . . .One of my best friends and often mentor: the brilliant Steph Laberis nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award!

It simply made my day! And as per the unwritten bylaws of all things in the vast network of tubes known as the interwebs, this award is a viral one, and must be spread in turn to seven other artists. Then you blurb seven random facts about yourself...

The following artists are artists whom deeply inspire me. Something about the art they make, be it in the content, style, philosophy, or just the aesthetic sensibilities they work by. Something in the details provides me with great motivation, inspiration, and just pleasure. So, without any further ado: I hereby transmit. . .err. . .give this award to seven of my most admired peers in the illustration world.

Bill Robinson Is a friend and wonderful artist. Both prolific, and exceedingly versatile, his work is always an inspiration to me. Everything he creates posses a wonderful tone and style.

Brittney Lee I have the distinguished privilege of actually owning one of this amazing girl's paper sculptures. Brittney is a sweet, and infinitely talented individual.

Andy Ristaino draws with a rubbery quality that bends your view of reality. He is filled quite endlessly with ideas and draws more than nearly anyone I know. He's an awesome dude.

Erin Leong Great friend and a wonderful artist with a bold and distinct style. She's always trying to think of another series to do. And always making beautiful art.

Rosie Sullivan I met Rosie at wondercon a few years back and I fell in love! Her art flows with a life and vivacity all its own, her line work courses with energy, she is a brilliant artist.

Michael Daley Is a curmudgeon. Really though, he's an amazing artist, he can draw anything imaginable, and do it faster than you'd ever dream of. Perhaps one of the hardest working artists I know. Mike D, you're an awesome dude.

Zaruhi Galstian I don't know Zaruhi personally, I just browse her gorgeous artwork! and often. I love her sense of shape, color, and composition.

Seven random facts about yourself

1. I'm a naturalist at heart. The natural world never ceases to excite me. Astronomy, Biology, Cosmology, all of it. I own a microscope and a telescope, and I love using both of them, any chance I get. I'm also a lover of science, logic, and epistemology in general.

2. I've lived in a few places spanning the breadth of this country over the last twenty-five years. I was born in Maine, raised in Virginia, lived for a time in Arizona, and have spent the last seven years of my life in sunny San Francisco California.

3. I love Bulldogs, Pugs, Corgis (really, any dog), But if you are walking an English Bulldog I will have to pet it, this is not optional. :P

4. I love to draw environments, especially rocky cliffs. and trees too. Something about them pulls me considerably.

5. When I was six or so, the steering locked up on my bicycle inciting me to panic and not think to apply the brakes. Thusly: I careened straight into a row of mailboxes
. causing the neighbor to holler "shut up you stupid kids" And the story gives my sister endless delight to this day ;).

6. When I was little I wanted to be an artist, astronaut, or paleontologist. I went to school for 3D animation, learned only that I despise trying to make anything in 3D unless it's stone or clay, and decided to be an illustrator instead.

7. ...and to exhaust the "when I was a kid" subject, I wasn't allowed to own a video game system (other than the Game Boy and Gamegear my Dad got me) until I was well into my teens. Oddly enough I work in video games now and love playing them despite me being quite awful at them. Who knew?


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thanks vear! i'm honored!

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Thanks dude, how very kind!

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