Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 My awesome co-worker, Daisy Church, recently returned from China and gave me this little souvenir! So I decided to go ahead and use it for my daily life drawing exercises. Thanks Daisy!  

Ashley Boyd: A friend who goes on daily drawings with me
A view from the outdoor patio of the Mojo Cafe on Divis

Downtown Burlingame
More Burlingame
One can't always have good compositions I suppose.
The wobbly Crowdstar building... I think it's been drinking again.

The next stone face piece... I haven't had much time to work on it but I look forward to it!

 This is a spin-off of one of the ideas from my Calm Her album project... Not quite what I'm trying to get to, but I liked this drawing despite that.
I've been watching a lot of Ancient Astronauts at work, that show is like crack. I watch it because it is fucking hilarious and chock full of crazy, but mostly because it's also chock full of fantastic shots of ruined ancient civilizations... the aesthetics of the Inca, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations are stuck in my head now.
Expect to see more next week, but that's all for this week, thanks for coming by.


*daisy said...

yay! you're most welcome!! : D

Joseph Ramirez said...

Just gotta say - I was blog-surfing and I saw this - I really like your work. The 'Calm Her' sketch, and the stone arch in the post beneath this one... cool! My hat's off to you.